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This week (and every week too)...DWYSYWD!

Wherever we turn these days in the world there appears to be growing lack of trust in institutions that were once held in high esteem, and with that impression there seems to be a collective shrug of the shoulders as if to say "well we never really believed in all that anyway". Which might be all well and good and to be expected but I feel increasingly that is creating an attitude in the world that people in all walks of life can excuse their behaviour by saying "well what did you expect?"

For me as both a person building a business and as a coach I regard integrity as one of my "tools in trade". A key measure of my integrity and therefore ability to build trust is to do what I say I will do and to check at the start and end of each day that I have delivered on this point. However, I sometimes get a sense that the cynicism with the wider world is making too many people not to take others at their word, which in turn means that those people promise to do something without the real intention of following through. These could often just be little things like promising to return a call but sometimes can be quite significant things for a business such as fulfilling on contractual agreements, convincing themselves that nobody ever expected such and such a thing to happen!

Right at the heart of all relationships, personal and business, goes integrity. Many, many organisations put integrity in their values and mission statements but increasingly one the most demonstrable acts of integrity - doing what you as an individual say you will do, is not being delivered, day in day out.

So, my message for this week (and every week) is check at the start and end of each day...are you DWYSYWD? As delivering on this will demonstrate integrity and build trust, not delivering on it will do the opposite. If we all deliver maybe it will start to reduce the wider cynicism and mistrust of institutions and help make us happier and more productive.