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The Value of Being Human

The world of selling is no longer as it once was; in fact that world is probably long dead. The old skills that relied on hard work and the charisma of a sales person havepassed. However in our technologically driven, fast-paced world we can sometimes forget our ability to use good human communication at the heart of our sales activity.

Are you and your team having enough effective sales conversations?

Regardless of the changing world of sales, virtually all high-value sales are going to require people to converse with other people, and we need to remember that communication is not conversation, with all its subtlety. The use of technology in both business and life is all-pervasive but our understanding of its impact on our conversational skills is not fully understood yet, but there is a sense that effective communication is being harmed. (A review of studies carried out over the past 30 years has shown a decline in 
empathy significantly since 2000). Combine that with the sense that all of us are “in sales” in some sense (either as a sales person, running our own business or having to influence and persuade others across our organisation or client organisations), then we have a need for more people, not fewer to be more effective in their conversations with greater risk that those conversations are being made less effective through our relationship with technology.

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