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Staying focused...

A subject I want to bring some attention to this month with some of the people I work with is maintaining focus - a focus on what's important for each of us to be effective and to get the job done. Maintaining focus doesn't require us to be working a high speed non stop, day in day out. In fact often it can be productive to set aside a structured amount of time each day with the specific intent of focusing just on those activities and processes that lead to achievement of key activities to complete our true job, those things that in turn lead to results - the "key pay off activities".

However, today with summer continuing to just about to hang on and give us another sunny day it reminded to me to share the importance of taking effective breaks to maintain focus. There is growing documented evidence that taking planned time to get outside and take a walk each day helps improves concentration and focus, and if that focus is on key activities and processes to improve productivity. I make time to take at least one good walk during the working day which seems to not only improve my focus and productivity but also my clarity of thinking and creativity, and my ability to solve problems.

Today the sun is shining and I took advantage to work in my "outdoor office" but as the days begin to shorten it will get harder but I know that to maintain my focus and productivity and improve my thinking, taking planned time for walks everyday is essential, rather than regard this time as wasteful or time consuming.

I will return to the topic of focus in the days ahead but I encourage you to find time for those productive breaks with a good walk.