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Impact on sales performance: let's start with ROI

Many conversations regarding training don't get much further than..."How much is it going to cost me" and "we can't afford that!" There are organisations that have training budgets and invest in their people and there are those with very limited training budgets, or none at all. When it comes to conversations about developing those involved in your sales process to improve performance, do these always begin with an understanding of the return on investment to be aimed for or achieved? So, not about cost but about investment to achieve performance.

I encourage businesses to open our conversations about their aspirations, the challenges that need to be overcome to realise these aspirations and the changes required in activity and behaviour in order to overcome those challenges. The aim of any intervention such as sales coaching should be about helping to make the changes required by individuals in the most impactful activities they are involved with in the sales process. These changes have value which in turn have impact on sales performance - although these might not be directly an increase in sales reveunes or delivering more gross margin, they are nonetheless measurable changes that improve performance of key elements of the sales process that will lead to revenue or margin growth. In this way our conversations begin with return before we discuss the investment to achieve the changes in behaviour or activity.

Impact on Performance sales coaching then continue with two key elements - an Impact Workshop built around the sales process and focusing on the key things in that process that will deliver the aspirations discussed in the opening conversation. Skill development is built around the key process. Secondly, the Impact Workshop is followed by real-time sales coaching in real sales situations, in "front of customers" to ensure the changes in activity or behaviour are being put into place and practised, building confidence that motivates indivduals to perform.

These two elements delivered after the conversation about aspirations, challenges and change are guaranteed to deliver the ROI - they move the focus away from developing elements of the sales process that won't deliver an impact on performance and from changing activity or behaviour that is positive but not key to achieving change.

Let's begin that initial conversation soon and make that the impact that delivers change and the desired aspiration rather than waiting. The details of the next Impact Workshop can by clicking here

Alternatively contact me directly to begin our conversation!