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Forthcoming Impact Workshops - Effective Sales Conversations - LIMITED PLACES, BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE


The world of selling is no longer as it once was; in fact that world is probably long dead. The old skills that relied on hard work and the charisma of a sales person have passed. However in our technologically driven, fast-paced world we can sometimes forget our ability to use good human communication at the heart of our sales activity.

Even without the challenges posed by the growing presence of technological distractions, most of us have plenty of room for improvement in our conversational capabilities. Effective conversations (and therefore effective sales conversations) don’t happen just by chance. Yes, we can all communicate but we tend to go through life without correcting the mistakes we have been making for most of that time. There is research to support the idea that we all over rate our own skills but see the problems in others! We should encourage feedback from those we converse with – talk about what worked well or whether they felt if they were understood. 

The contention is that most of us are weaker in our conversational skills than we would like to think, and the world we are living in isn’t making it easier to improve them.

These Impact Workshops will look at the skills required to hold more effective (sales) conversations, provide tips to improve our conversations and will provide an opportunity to practice and give and receive feedback.

Places are available in Leeds for the next Impact Workshop on Thursday 5th July. 

The workshop is designed for anyone that helps to deliver a sales result or who interacts with clients or customers. This could be valuable for busIness owners or for managers of people who interact with customers and clients.

Any attendees that subsequently participate in our sales coaching programmes will receive a refund of the fee for this workshop.