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Effective sales conversations for improved sales performance.

If you’re a sales leader, here’s a question for you. How many hours did your spend coaching your sales people last week? Although many organisations believe that coaching is one of the key roles of sales managers, typically a sales manager spends only 5% of their time doing this. Interestingly, two thirds of sales people people that aren’t being coached want to be coached, so there’s a bit of a mismatch!

There is no doubt about it, effective sales coaching does have a direct impact on sales performance, with one survey showing that sales people that hadn’t been coached were 27% more likely to miss target. However it takes dedicated time and requires specific skills in coaching. Lack of time and lack of those specific skills are the main reasons sales leaders give for not providing more dedicated sales coaching. Typically sales leaders are spending time on other activities such as attending meetings, reporting and forecasting and often being more reactive than proactive in the sales process. They might have received training on coaching at some time but without the regular and routine practice this skill soon becomes 
redundant and it’s easy to avoid spending regular coaching time with the team. 

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