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Few small business owners and people working for small businesses have been trained in sales and yet there is a need for these people to embrace sales if they are to succeed with it. Through the Impact on Performance - Sales Gym, "people who sell" as opposed to "sales people" can strengthen their sales skills and processes by participating in short, regular and relevant activity.

With over 30 years of business experience in both small and large organisations, Steve of Impact on Performance uses that experience combined with a wide range of personal development skills to help individuals, teams and organisations to build performance and deliver results.

With the changes and uncertainty in the world as a consequence of the COVID 19 pandemic never has it been more essential to strengthen the skills that will help us handle the challenges and especially in the world of selling.

With most business conversations now taking place online or using “virtual” communication tools, there is a need to look at how we use those tools and build skills to be effective. If your team were used to holding physical face to face sales conversations then then the “new normal” will change that.

Although this brings challenges there are also tremendous opportunities that a blend of technology and human support can provide to enable sales teams that want to get ahead, to be successful in the new world.

I continue to ask the question that I always have, “who is coaching your sales people?” as this remains a highly effective way to build skills and deliver sales performance, especially through a period of change.

Having spent most of my working life involved with sales leadership and the development of sales results through people I am fully committed to the value of coaching customer facing people to build performance.


We offer a range of services to develop your skills as an individual or a team and improve your business strategy.

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Executive Coaching

Expert coaching and support to develop your skills and talents.

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Sales Coaching

Gain a better understanding of how to achieve your sales goals.

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Business Development Consultancy

Developing your business.

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Sarah, Director, participant on an IMPACT Workshop (June 2016) - Leeds

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The IMPACT workshop is a great refresher course for any business owner or person responsible for developing business. You discuss real issues effecting your business, focusing how you can resolve these and grow sales. You can then apply these lessons to your day to day activity or have book in-depth sessions with Steve to work on specific issues. I highly recommend the IMPACT wrorkshop. If you want to grow sales, in the most efficient manner, speak to Steve. 

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